Detach….For God’s Sake

Whew has this been a crazy year or what?? Oh my dear ones….it’s been pretty crazy. It seems as if everything has turned upside down!! I’ve felt very fortunate to be in a relatively small town away from big cities and sheltered from much of the chaos, but the big question of why and whatContinue reading “Detach….For God’s Sake”

Creating Your 2020 Vision

So have you done it? Did you start creating your 2020 vision? I know I know, things get in the way. There’s work and kids and the car needs to be washed. But really…you can do this. When last we met I suggested writing about your ideal life, but maybe words aren’t your thing. MaybeContinue reading “Creating Your 2020 Vision”

Listers Gotta List

Are you a lister? You know who you are. You LOVE to write lists!! Lists of to dos! Lists of books to read, sites to check out, places to visit and household purchases to complete. There are numbers to track, passwords to document and calls to make. Listers can write lists ad infinitum I’m aContinue reading “Listers Gotta List”